Leading an unconference workshop

Leading an unconference workshop

The goal of the event is to inspire engagement, connection, and action around some of the most important environmental and social impact issues of our time, with mission-driven individuals. The format is a combination of structure and free-form, play and thoughfulness, and the content of our workshops and conversations are entirely participant-driven.

While workshops and community-building activities are offered throughout the day, everything is optional - you can take naps, go wander, or whatever your heart desires.

Color wars!

Color wars!



Choose from workshops and activities led by participants. For example: forest mushroom walk, lakeside yoga, Designing Your Life, “enoughness” workshop.

Delicious + Nutritious Lunch

Early Afternoon

Team scavenger hunt! Which may or may not include deciphering clues, inventing skits, sleuthing information, dancing a jig, creating a craft, etc.

Late Afternoon

Popsicle break! Chill and enjoy swimming in the lake, hiking, playing volleyball, napping ... follow your interests.

Early Evening

Half-baked Idea Bonanza - a chance to pitch your ‘half-baked’ projects and solicit ideas and help from the community

Happy Hour

Choose from skills based as well as ‘just for fun’ workshops, such as improv

Delicious + Nutritious Dinner

Games & campfire

Choose from non-cheesy (and maybe some cheesy) games - from shenanigan bingo to post-it telephone. Campfire s’mores and stories (hot toddies if you’re lucky). Also a great time to start shceming for the next night’s ‘Share Show’

Afternoon discussion sessions curated by attendees

Afternoon discussion sessions curated by attendees