Taking a popsicle break.

Taking a popsicle break.

Your Greenermind Summit experience starts when you arrive! We’ll be there from 7pm on Friday until 2pm on Monday. The goal of the event is to inspire engagement, connection, and action around some of the most important environmental and social impact issues of our time, with mission-driven individuals.

While workshops and community-building activities are offered throughout the day, everything is optional and you can also hang by the lake or go for a hike whenever your heart desires ...

The most special and unique thing about Greenermind Summit is that our participants (that’s you!) contribute to its impact. Members of the Greenermind community are welcome to lead a workshop, discussion or activity - just let us know and we’ll add you to the agenda!

A day at the summit


Choose from skills-based workshops led by participants in areas they are particularly passionate or knowledgeable about, to wellness activities such as yoga

Delicious + Nutritious Lunch

Early Afternoon

Group activity - let’s get to know each other!

Late Afternoon

Chill and enjoy swimming in the lake, hiking, playing volleyball, napping ... follow your interests

Early Evening

Half-baked Idea Bonanza - a chance to pitch your ‘half-baked’ projects and solicit ideas and help from the community

Happy Hour

Choose from skills based as well as ‘just for fun’ workshops, such as improv

Delicious + Nutritious Dinner

Games & campfire

Choose from non-cheesy (and maybe some cheesy) games - from shenanigan bingo to post-it telephone. Look forward to a Variety show one night and maybe a late night dance party.