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“There’s not one in charge, there’s no one who runs it, It’s all up to you at the Greenermind Summit”

We started Greenermind after going to one-too-many conferences. Why listen to panels and speakers drone on when the folks in the room know so much? Why relegate those conversations to the short and awkward coffee breaks?

At its heart, Greenermind is an unconference. The agenda is heavily participant-driven which means that for most of the conference, the activities are created by the people who come, for the people who come. The participant-led activities range from hands-on workshops and rich conversations during unconference sessions to musical performances at the talent show.

The goal of the Greenermind community is to foster an amazing community of purpose-driven people, so the schedule also includes a few facilitated group activities - usually centered around personal growth and connecting with each other.

Here’s the high-level agenda of the event:

Thursday: Attendees start arriving

Friday Morning: Workshops

Afternoon: Welcome, group opening activity, and workshops

Evening: “Unplugged” activities ranging from silent disco to campfire songs

Saturday Morning: Workshops and build-out of the unconference schedule

Afternoon: Unconference sessions and group debrief

Evening: Talent show and dance party

Sunday Morning: Group meditation, open time to do that one thing you didn’t get to until now, and group close

Afternoon: Help clean-up and head home

Sounds awesome, right?  Come and bring your full self, some questions to explore with great people, and anything else you're inspired to share!