The Greenermind Summit takes place in the beautiful Mendocino Woodlands, which is a 3 1/2 to 5 hour drive north of San Francisco. It's not close. But it's a beautiful drive and it's a great opportunity to carpool and get to know folks. You'll be glad you made the trip when you arrive. The setting is beautiful, inspiring, and perfect for this kind of conference. (We're in Camp 2 - See a map of the layout or see photos on Picasa. )

There is no cell phone or internet reception on-site. There is a pay phone! (The number is 707-937-9958.)

Directions from the Bay Area:
The address is Mendocino Woodlands Camp, 39350 Little Lake Rd, Mendocino, CA 95460. GPS coordinates for the parking area are 39.341288, -123.692770 or if you prefer, 39°20'28.6"N 123°41'34.0"W. The camp is a short walk from there. Although Google maps will tell you this is just 33 minutes from Mendocino, with the winding dirt road, it's more like an hour. Factor in traffic on 101 and 128, and it really can be a 4 to 5 hour trip. Worth every minute. 

  • Take Highway 101 North to Cloverdale. 

  • Turn left onto Highway 128 and stay on it until it merges with Highway 1 at the coast. Follow Highway 1 north to Mendocino. 

  • At the traffic light, turn right onto Little Lake Road and follow it out about 5-1/2 miles to the end of the pavement. Bear right (you’ll see a sign for the Woodlands) and follow this gravel road out approximately another 3 miles to arrive at the camp.

  • If you ask yourself “Did we miss a turn?” just keep going down the winding dirt road. The Woodlands are at the end!

Important Notes:

  • There is no cell phone service for the final stretch of driving; Google Maps *will* stop working. Please print or copy directions before you leave, so you're not stranded!

  • The final stretch of dirt road up to the camp is long. Longer than you'd expect. Keep on truckin'. Look for signs on the trees.

  • We are in Camp 2. There are three numbered camps in the Woodlands, and weirdly enough, Camp 2 (ours) is the farthest one in. That can be confusing when you're driving and you see the turn for Camp 3 before the turn for Camp 2, and you start to wonder if you missed Camp 2. Don't worry, you didn't! Just keep driving.

About the Woodlands:

The Mendocino Woodlands State Park is a National Historic Landmark built in the 1930s and is nestled in 700 acres of redwood trees, ferns, and glades along both sides of the Little North Fork of the Big River in Northern California, near the coastal village of Mendocino. Twenty-five miles of hiking trails in and around the Park, an open meadow, a large beaver pond, river otters, deer, fox and other flora and fauna complete the magic of the Woodlands.

  • Accommodations will be in rustic cabins with no electricity. Cabins also have shared bath houses. There are hot showers!

  • Meetings will take place in the camp's halls, pavilions, and outside areas. The main hall has electricity.

  • Meals will be cooked in the large shared kitchen.