Since 2010, we have gathered each summer for a weekend of digital detox, discussions and workshops, dance parties, campfires, big thinking, and more.

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Each June, 100 Bay Area professionals gather for a weekend of disconnecting from the default world in order to reconnect to each other and to nature.  

Here, mission-driven people come together to share innovative ideas, teach each other new skills, make meaningful connections, and make time to rest and recharge.

Every year, it is incredibly inspiring (and ridiculously fun) to connect with others who believe in causes greater than our individual selves. 

The Greenermind Summit is a participant-driven event, not a panel of "talking head" experts. There's an unconference, which means that the agenda is set by the attendees themselves (you!). We also have oodles of participant-led, interactive workshops on a wide variety of passions, both personal and impact-focused--from "Scaling Renewable Energy" to "Creating Co-Housing" to "Technology and Politics." All attendees can suggest, create, and lead a workshop or session of their own. Greenermind participants make the event what it is by bringing who they are and what they love to the event.

The leadership team is 100% volunteer based; it's incredible people like you that make Greenermind what it is each year.  


What will happen each day at the summit?
The Greenermind Summit an un-conference with a twist (of summer camp and party). Each day is a balance of structure and openness, serious and fun, action and reflection. There are participant-led workshops, games, small-group discussions, campfires, costume parties, and playful activities.

Who should come?
The conference is geared towards active professionals who are passionate about having a positive social and/or environmental impact. The sessions will be active and collaborative -- and everyone will get to contribute. Most people come solo, and there are some couples that attend together. We are committed to making our event accessible to parents; we welcome children of all ages. Please see below for more information on the kids track.

What topics will be covered?
It depends on the mix of attendees, but expect the topics to be wide-ranging. The conference began with a strong emphasis on the leadership, business, and design aspects of making the world a better place. However, every year is different, and we've been very happy to have change-makers from all sectors come and cross-pollinate. 

Should my company pay for it?
The event is driven by the interests and passions of the attendees. If you are interested and passionate about your work, then yes. The Summit will be a great place for you to refine your ideas, further your projects, and meet great people who could become collaborators.

How many folks will be there?
We limit the group to 100 attendees.

What if I'm new to the community?
Welcome!  Typically about 50% of Summit attendees are new, and about 50% are returning.  We have lots of small-group activities to help you meet and get to know your fellow attendees, to help you feel right at home.  You're also welcome to join us for our monthly potluck in the Bay Area; email info@greenermindsummit.com to get connected.

When does it start and end?
The program will begin on Friday at 10am with a series of workshops. The formal program starts at 1pm. However, we encourage people to arrive on Thursday if possible. This is a great chance to get to know folks early. We need to leave the camp on Sunday afternoon by 2pm.

It says it starts Friday. Can I come early on Thursday?
Heck yeah! We'll be setting up the venue on Thursday and you are welcome to come as early as Thursday morning to hang out in the woods and start meeting people. Official programming doesn't start until Friday, but Thursday is a great chance to relax and unwind before the conference gears up. (We serve dinner on Thursday for those who have arrived, but Thursday lunch is BYO.) 

What if I can't come Friday?
We strongly encourage you to attend on Friday. The event is all about taking time out from the daily grind to get new inspiration, ideas, and energy to contribute to your personal and professional growth. Being present for the full event will allow you to have a more meaningful experience and create deeper connection with the community of people who will be there.

How do I get there? Will there be a carpool?
Unfortunately, there's no good way besides driving. Every year we create a spreadsheet to help participants organize carpools. Carpooling is a great chance to meet and have good conversations with other participants on the way up. 

What's the lodging like?
You'll be staying in rustic wood cabins without heating or air conditioning. The cabins have cots but you'll need to bring your own sheets or sleeping bag. You'll have cabin-mates, and you can request who to stay with (and other cabin preferences, such as noise tolerance) when you register.

What's covered in the cost of the ticket? 

  • Lodging
  • Delicious lunches, dinners, snacks, coffee, and tea throughout the day (It's BYO breakfast.)
  • All event programming

Will I need to volunteer on site?
Yes; everyone volunteers for one 2 hour shift the event. When you arrive, you choose one cooking or cleanup shift, where you'll cook/clean, share a beverage, and bond over the stove. It's a great way to get to know folks. This is also how we are able to cook for 100 while keeping costs low; our caterer manages the kitchen, but you are the sous chef.  : )  Also, everyone pitches in to pick up after themselves and keep the space clean.

How can I contribute?  Do I have to contribute?
This is a community-created event, so there are lots of ways to contribute; the first step is to email us your idea at info@greenermindsummit.com.  You can lead a workshop or activity, suggest an unconference topic, sing or play guitar around the campfire, share a talent in our Saturday night variety show, create an art piece, or just show up and connect with people.  The whole event runs on inspiration, so you don't "have" to do anything.  The best gift you can offer yourself is to connect deeply with what YOU are inspired to do, whether that's dive in to activities or sit quietly under the redwoods.  There's space for both (and much more) at the Greenermind Summit.

What are we eating? What if I have dietary restrictions?
The food is always de-li-cious!  We hire a caterer to manage the kitchen and design a tasty, healthy menu. We will provide both omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan options for lunch and dinner. We also have a gluten free option at each meal. If you have specific dietary restrictions, please email us at info@greenermindsummit.com, and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

What food should I bring?
The only meal that will not be provided is breakfast; everyone is responsible for bringing their own breakfast food. There is a full kitchen available, including tons of refrigerator space.

What drinks should I bring?
We provide morning coffee and tea, as well as tea throughout the day.  We do not provide libations, so you should bring any alcoholic beverages you'd like to drink, and remember to bring enough to share with your new friends!

What stuff should I bring?
We'll send you an Attendee Info Guide as we get closer to the event. This guide will list everything you need to know before coming, including what to bring. Take a look at this guide from a previous year to get a sense of what to expect.

Can I bring my pet?
Sorry, the Woodlands does not allow pets. Service dogs are permitted with advance approval; email info@greenermindsummit.com to arrange this.

Is the event family friendly? 
Yes! We have a Kids Track with special programming for the little ones, along with subsidized tickets for children. We will have childcare handled onsite for most of the conference. Please see the Kids page for more information, and if you have additional questions, email info@greenermindsummit.com.

Is there cell phone reception or internet access?
There is no cell phone reception (and we're excited about that). There is no internet either. There is a pay phone. We always have a communal roll of quarters, but if you plan on long pay-phone calls, it will be best to BYO roll of quarters.  

What if someone needs to reach me while I'm at the Summit?
Let your loved ones know that they can call the pay phone on site at 707-937-9958.  If no one picks up, call again, as there may not always be someone near the phone. If you're not getting through and the situation is an emergency, you can also call Mendocino Woodlands staff at 707-937-5755.  But please try the pay phone multiple times before disturbing Mendocino Woodlands staff.

Who is organizing this event?
The Greenermind community is 100% volunteer run, and everyone contributes financially to participate in the Summit.  We are primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we also have community members throughout Northern California.

Why is it called "Greenermind"?
Our name reflects our passion for creating impact, our connection with others in nature, and a sense of looking toward the future. More than 10 years ago, Greenermind was originally part of the Net Impact San Francisco Professional Chapter, which has a strong focus on sustainability and innovation. We've kept this focus through the years while also expanding the amount of programming on personal growth and social impact.  Today, any mission-driven professional will find like-minded changemakers to bond with at the Summit.

Can I help?
Yes! If you're interested in becoming a part of our fun-loving, high-impact group of volunteers, please contact us at info@greenermindsummit.com.