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Participant-led workshops are an integral part of the GreenerMind Summit experience!  Check out the workshops we've already got in the works for GMS 2017, and join the line-up.

Some topics we would like to learn about if you have the knowledge and skills include: non-violent communication, fundraising strategies including crowdfunding, how to use social media to effect change, volunteer management, etc!

Propose a workshop here and we’ll be in touch!


Clean Trails Hike — with Annette Poliwka

What if we all picked up just one piece of litter. Imagine how that influences behavior change! I am on the board of Clean Trails, a national non-profit that gets people and organizations outside to pick up litter from trails. I will lead a group of people on a hike and ultimately, we pick up any litter we find. 


Resilience in Times of Complexity and Change — with Josh Van Vliet

In uncertain times, it’s easy to “tune out” or “burn out.” And when we do either of these, we suffer greatly -- and the world misses out on our unique contribution. The purpose of this training is to help you develop skills for resilience in the midst of unpredictability and rapid change.


Coaching Skills for Leaders — with Josh Van Vliet

Working with a team can be rewarding … or frustrating. Whether you are a coach, supervisor, manager, or leader, there are coaching skills that you can use in any interaction to be a more empowering presence. As a result, you create the environment which allows creativity and greatness to emerge. 


Minimalism: Escaping Excess and Accessing Freedom — with Taylor Whitfield

Working on it! But will explain the tenants of this way of life and walk the group through exercises to get them thinking about what's important to them and look at different areas where they could let go of "clutter'".



Rethinking Waste in a Single-Use/Throw-Away Society — with Steffen Kuehr

Americans produce 30% of the world's garbage - but we only make up 5% of the world's population - we have to figure out how we can change the way we think about waste and treat used materials on a large scale - from recycling, upcycling and repurposing to reducing future waste by changing consumer behavior and manufacturing practices (Demand based & purchase activated manufacturing vs. mass inventory production).


Pain sucks. Life shouldn't — with Matt Hsu

Learn how new perspectives can revolutionize how you deal with back, knee, hip, and shoulder pain. Simple strategies and targeted exercises can save you from wasted doctor visits, pills, and surgeries!



Starting a Social Enterprise: The Journey from Idea to ScalE — with Katy Ashe

 I would love to bring people together who are at various points of their social enterprise journey (even just at the very start with the seed of an idea) to facilitate knowledge transfer & resource sharing between us. I co-founded a startup that is currently scaling across India/about to scale internationally. We've been through SEAD Accelerator at Stanford, YC accelerator, FFWD accelerator, GSBI accelerator, Echoing Green Fellowship, DRK Fellowship, Mulago Fellowship et al - so I want to be generous with these resources and connect with others around how we can collaborate/ help/support each other. The session can be about whatever the current, past or potential social entrepreneurs want it to be about.

What is Your Soul's Purpose?
— with Brandon Peele


We'll do 2 powerful exercises, one that will reveal some new insights about your soul's purpose, and another that will reveal what is in the way of you living it. You'll walk away with greater clarity and the very next step you need to take on your path.




The 3 Fundamentals for a Thriving Business that Makes a DifferencE — with Stephanie Staidle

In this interactive presentation for the socially-conscious individual, participants discover the three fundamental elements required to build a successful business they love AND make a difference for the planet. Discover what they don’t tell you in business school and what skills are necessary to master for success. Audiences learn new tools, based in creative psychology and the neuroscience of performance, to match a business with their passions, identify and remove obstacles entrepreneurs commonly face, and find the confidence to make their business vision a reality


Accelerate Change / How to Mobilize People to Deliver Results — with Nicole Sroka

This workshop provides an introduction to Organizational Change Management - the behavioral science and growing discipline that catalyzes the people side of change in the workplace. Learn new approaches and practical tools to effectively manage change in a dynamic and competitive marketplace. Participants will collaborate in breakout groups to apply new learnings and determine best-fit strategies for minimizing resistance and maximizing buy-in.


Golden Tools of Green Design: What drives sustainability, innovation, and value in green design methods? — with Jeremy Faludi

What do design teams value in sustainable design methods? Specifically, what kinds of activities and mindsets comprise different design methods, and which ones do design teams believe drive sustainability, innovation, and other value? 14 design practices were deconstructed to categorize their component activities and mindsets, and hypothesize what designers, engineers, and managers would find most useful. Then three sustainable design methods were tested by performing 29 workshops for 600+ people (roughly half UC Berkeley students, half professionals from over 30 different companies). This lecture summarizes my dissertation research, and I would love feedback from designers!


Using Design Thinking to Save the Planet — with Weston McBride

How might we save the planet? Think like a designer! Designers solve massive, multi-variable, ill-defined problems all the time. Environmental, social, and economic issues are daunting, but thinking like a designer can shed light on effective solutions. You'll learn the human centered design techniques pioneered by the Stanford and IDEO to apply those design thinking frameworks to any problem you might encounter.  


Men Against Male Supremacy — with Weston McBride & Adam Menter

This is a workshop for men and by men to talk about being a man within an imbalanced patriarchal society. How can we authentically and powerfully "be the change" for gender, racial, and economic justice? As we look at these issues more deeply, we may find that the status quo is also wounding us and our families. This is both a collective and intensely personal conversation that we often shy away from. We'll get together to embrace the conversation together. A special thank-you to Jocelyn Ryder, the Catalyst Project, and the STAND men's group in Oakland for introducing us to this work. We are looking forward to helping carry the torchlight.


Post-Trump Activism — with C. Green

Since the election, are you newly motivated to get involved in activism?  I’ll give an overview of the “Resistance”, the organizations leading the movement, our strategy to WIN, and how you can develop a personal activism plan with impact.