GMS West

The Benefits of Behavior Design — Nya Van Leuvan and Lauren Highleyman

Why do our initiatives fail and what can we do about it?  Behavior, behavior, behavior!  Explore both the cognitive patterns that lead to decisions that are not good for us - or the planet - and how these same patterns can be harnessed to accelerate and scale positive social and environmental change. 

  • Finding Love & a Greenermind-Compatible Life Partner — Christine Peterson

To be most effective in our Greenermind efforts, it helps a lot to have a life partner who is supportive of our work. Many of us get distracted, at some time or other, by our lack of a partner. This workshop will help participants design their own process for finding a compatible life partner.

  • Zero Waste — Annette Poliwka

Zero Waste workshop with nuts and bolts of getting to this goal! 

  • Self Massage Tools and Tricks — Connie Kwan

Yes you can give yourself a relaxing session, all you need is a few choice tools. I'll bring some of these to show you.  Then, we'll conclude by giving each other some well deserved head massages. 

  • Best Practices for Teaching Sustainability for Innovation — Jeremy Faludi

Do you train your team or others in sustainability?  This workshop will summarize the best practices for teaching green invention / innovation through product design, engineering, and business; it includes best curricula, teaching methods, and administrative leadership practices, as well as possible next steps for how to drive improvement.  You'll then use your own expertise to give input on these possible next steps, discussing pros and cons and additional options or combinations of each, and how you might apply them.

  • Blockchain - Golden Hammer or Just Looking for Nails ? — Mitra Ardron

Is Blockchain a golden hammer that can solve anything or a golden hammer looking for nails ? Come and talk about the hype, the reality, what it's good for and what it's not, and some of the underlying technologies of decentralization and crypto. Let's also discuss their use to support causes we are passionate about.

Mitra is the Technical lead in decentralization at the Internet Archive working on how the archive can participate in the changes to the net coming from decentralization, and was also involved in much of the design of the early internet. 

  • Singing With The Plants: Ecological Awareness and Traditional Healing — Jordana Ma

Indigenous healers of the Americas have a personal and spiritual relationship with the plants they use as medicines. In this talk, I will share my experiences learning about 'singing with the plants' from indigenous healers in the Amazon basin and the potential of traditional healing modalities to awaken ecological consciousness in humanity. 

  • Grow Your Idea — Ryan Kushner

Let's take that half-baked idea, or in process enterprise and hive mind some wisdom to help you grow it!

  • Thriller Flash Mob — Carrie Stahler

Learn how to dance Michael Jackson's Thriller Dance!

  • Practicing Everyday Presence - An Everyday Tantra Salon & Lab — Jim Turner

Do you sometimes feel like the world passes by too fast and you never seem to get enough done? Do you long for a deeper connection with yourself and those around you? Is FOMO your friend? Presence can be difficult to find in a world of competing demands and ever-increasing inputs. Taking a moment each day to practice presence can enhance your experience and connection with friends, family, and lovers. Gather in the bosom of nature to discuss the power of presence and to learn practical exercises to help increase presence in your life each and every day.

As Zagreus Wolf, I am a Sarasa Tantra practitioner (daka), instructor and workshop leader with a personal mission to provide others with the power of presence and practical abandon in their lives, work, and relationships. I look forward to the gift of your presence at this workshop.

  • Mantras, Tantra, and Speaking Your Intention - An Experiential Lab — Jim Turner

Take a moment in the bosom of nature and a supportive community to focus on your intent and those things that you would like to bring and let go of in your life. Learn the power of the spoken word in meditation to manifest your will in the world. In this experiential lab with solo and partnered exercises, we will co-create personal words of power that you can use every day to remind yourself and the universe of that which you would like to manifest most.

  • Intro to Bellydancing — Ilonka Zlatar

Lear the basics of bellydancing, a dance form older than Christianity, to root you and connect you to Mother Earth. This class is gender-inclusive.

  • Advanced Directives- Planning Ahead to Create Peace of Mind — Caitlin Hildebrand

Advanced Directives are the single best way for you to share your healthcare goals and values with your health care providers, family members, and friends. This workshop will help you understand how to build an effective document to guide those who will care for you when you cannot communicate your wishes. We will review the forms of Advanced Directives you can choose from, and the types of care that are considered Aggressive Interventions and how and why they may or may not benefit you. In addition, we'll review the other kinds of content you can include, and how to plan for progressive but non-terminal disease, including Aging in Place and more. Begin this crucial process now, while you are vibrant, before you need it. Give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind.

  • A Lean Training That Trims Wasted Time — Caitlin Hildebrand

Come learn an introduction to Lean, the quality improvement methodology that has revolutionized systems from Toyota to healthcare. In this "quick and dirty" overview, you'll learn the systematic approach, tools, and strategies that empower efficient and sustainable change management in any setting. 

  • Yoga for Energy — Caitlin Hildebrand

Yoga that fires up the heart, strengthens the spine, and lights up the core.