Since 2010, the Greenermind community has gathered each summer for a weekend of digital detox, participant-led workshops, un-conferences, campfires, and more.


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Biochar workshop

Each June, 100 Bay Area professionals gather for a weekend of disconnecting from the default world in order to reconnect to each other and to nature in the majesty of the Mendocino Woodlands.  

This event provides a forum for our community to come together to share innovative ideas, teach each other new skills, make meaningful connections, and even just have solo time to rest and recharge.

Every year, it is incredibly inspiring (and ridiculously fun) to connect with others who believe in causes greater than our individual selves. 

GMS is a participant-driven event, not a panel of "talking head" experts. There's an un-conference, which means that the agenda for a series of small group conversations is set by the attendees themselves (you!). We also have oodles of participant-led, interactive workshops on a wide variety of passions--from Lifecycle Analysis to Meditation. All attendees can suggest, create, and lead a workshop or session of their own. The participants of GMS make the event what it is by bringing who they are and what they love to the event.

The leadership team is 100% volunteer based, and we need incredible people like you to help make GMS a reality each year.  If you are interested in being a volunteer for 2017 - please email us at